Heidi Divka Von Shepherd's Hill PPC

Heidi Divka Von Shepherd's Hill's call name is Divka. She is a large, long hair, black and red female. Divka has good color and pigmentation.

Heidi means “Noble” in German and Divka means “Girl” in Czech. She sure does live up to the name! Divka is a long haired German Shepherd who comes from both Working Lines and Show Line German Shepherds from Germany. She is one of the most loving dogs, the children around the neighborhood always come over to ask if she can come out and play! Her owner is so proud of all of her accomplishments, most recently they both became Personal Protection Certified! Whenever they are out and about or visiting local stores, everyone makes a point to come up and say how beautiful she is.

Divka has a very sweet personality and an excellent temperament. She is a friendly dog who loves to meet new people and enjoys playing with kids, other dogs, and puppies. Divka loves to learn new things and is always up for a fun adventure with her family. Divka has great house manners, as well as excellent obeidience and protection training. Divka and her handler earned their PPC (Personal Protection Certified) in June 2018.