V1 Luke vom Polarkreis IGP3, KKL Lifetime

2018-2019 Midwest Working Class LSH Sieger, V1 Luke vom Polarkreis IGP3, KKL Lifetime

Luke is the 2018 and 2019 Midwest Working Class LSH Sieger. He also received V2 at the USCA Sieger show in 2019.

Luke is an over medium size male with rich red pigment and a long coat. He has dark eyes and strong ears. This dog is a very beautiful dog with a harmonious structure. Luke has high withers, correct front and rear angulation, and a correct croup. While moving Luke has correct movement coming and going. He has powerful rear drive and a free flowing front reach.

Luke is a very social dog and enjoys being with people of all ages. Luke is confident in all environments and enjoys car rides. He also loves to play ball and enjoys long walks. Luke is a very responsive obedience dog. In Schutzhund protection Luke has a convincing bark and shows pronounced courage and fighting drive.