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Von der Stadtrand means the place from the outskirts of the city. Clayton Warichak the founder of Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds grew up with a love of animals. Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds are bred from the best German import bloodlines coming from both German Sieger Show and German Working Schutzhund lines. Our puppies are bred to have excellent health, great temperament, and superior intelligence. Breeder Clayton Warichak has been breeding Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds since 1992. The breed name "Von der Stadtrand" was registered with The United Schutzhund Clubs of America in 1994.

German Shepherd Dogs have been a passion for Clayton Warichak starting at the age of 15. Clayton imported his first Schutzhund three male German Shepherd from Germany at the age of 16. Clayton is married to his wife Margaret and they have a teenage son, Seth. Clayton Warichak has been an active competitor in Schutzhund and Conformation shows for 20 years. Margaret and Seth are active in raising the puppies and also train their dogs in Schutzhund.

As a teenager, Clayton Warichak had a vision for creating the perfect German Shepherd like those depicted in the movies. He wanted to create a dog that was loyal, loving, intelligent, obedient and would protect its family. Clayton has created his vision of the German Shepherd in the Von der Stadtrand line. Von der Stadtrand dogs have the movie star good looks and perfect Rin Tin Tin temperament. If you are looking for a dog that can perform on an obedience field, join your family at the park, and turn heads as you walk down the street, then Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds are for you.

Is a german shepherd right for you?

When you think of a German Shepherd do you think of Rin Tintin? The typical characteristics of loyalty, fearlessness, and smarts make them an excellent companion and family dog. However, a German Shepherd isn't a great fit for everyone and every family. A German Shepherd is a very active dog and requires regular daily exercise. German Shepherds are extremely loyal and are very obedient providing the owner has adequate time to spend training and playing with the pup. German Shepherds are protective by nature and require a great deal of socialization throughout their life and being a major focus during the first year of life. In addition to regular vet visits, German Shepherds require regular grooming as they shed (especially twice a year during season changes).

German Shepherds bond very closely with their owners and don't do well being parted for long periods of time. German Shepherds can live for 10-14 years so be prepared to have a partner for their life. This active intelligent breed does best when it has a "job" so be prepared to train, play, and bond with your shepherd. Many German Shepherds do well as family companion dogs when given enough exercise, mental stimulation, and love. If you have the time to put into training, socialization, and grooming, you will have an excellent family companion!

Why choose Von der stadtrand

The Von der Stadtrand German Shepherd dogs are known for their rich red color, beautiful structure, high intelligence, as well as their loyalty to the family. Clayton Warichak breeds his German Shepherds from pure German Import bloodlines. Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds come from both West German Showline and also West German Working lines. This makes the Von der Stadtrand German Shepherd the most well rounded dog for multipurpose. Most Von der Stadtrand German Shepherd puppies are living in family homes, however many are in working police-k9, search and rescue, agility, conformation shows, and also Schutzhund sport dogs.

All Von der Stadtrand litters are whelped in the home so the puppies are well socialized. Breeder Clayton Warichak personally whelps every litter. The puppies are held every day and talked to. At three weeks Clayton starts giving the puppies a blended mix of puppy food and evaporated milk. This gives the puppies a strong start on life and an easy transition to solid puppy food at six weeks. Von der Stadtrand puppies are very social and have fluffy coats and strong bones. Puppies are sold with a written hip and health guarantee. Puppies are able to go to local homes or people who can drive to Von der Stadtrand and pick up at 7 weeks and puppies can be shipped on the airlines at 8 weeks of age.

Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds are bred to the German standard and each litter of puppies is assigned the next letter of the alphabet which every puppy's first name starts with. All Von der Stadtrand Puppies are all given an ear tattoo at 7 weeks. The tattoo is five digits located in the right ear. The tattoo ink is the same shade of green that was used in Germany for many years.


We, at Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds, are very proud of the temperament and quality of our puppies. Below you can find a few testimonials and links to websites with reviews by our puppy owners over the years.


Cindy and Dax

This dog DAX, is the smartest dog i have ever had (2 many to count) first german shepherd ever. Got a little scared after I bought him cuz I kept hearing how dangerous and unpredictable they are!!!! well he is now 6 months and I never had a dog hug me before, he raps himself around me and presses in close to me so loving, I have a large fenced yard.. corner lot in the city... 20 or more people walk by every day, Dax barks and runs over by the passerby'ers most stop and talk, pet, play with him, everyone loves him , one lady told me she was bit by one years ago, when she was done spending time with Dax she told me (thank you so much I am not afraid of the shepherd anymore) I have a large 95 lb Lab, they are the best of friends. I never trained Dax to not jump he just knew that it was wrong.. friends can't believe it when they first meet him..( My gosh he doesn't jump on me) from the start when I call him he comes and sits without ever being taught!!!! maybe I got the smart one, Dax was the last one of his litter, He was overlooked by everyone who came to get a Von der Stadtrand puppy, Plus free training for live and your in right away with a group of folks who love their dogs and you will see these people every weekend at training if you choose to be a part of your dogs family!

Cindy (2016)

Lindsey and Grimm

Hello my name is Lindsey and I am a family dog trainer and groomer. I have worked with hundreds of dogs in my line of work and I have to say, the puppy I bought from Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds has been the highlight of my life. Grimm ( the puppy ) and I have done it all together as a team, competing in Rally-O, Agility, Flyball, Tracking, Nosework, C.G.C. , I.P.O. and therapy, as well as being my best friend.

I can't say enough good thing about his breeders care for structure, health, trainability, and temperament. So if you are looking for a new german shepherd puppy your search is over.

Lindsey (2016)


The Burns and Senator

Back in 1993 we purchased our first GSD upon returning home from our honeymoon. Our wedding date was April 3rd and we found a puppy born on April 3rd for sale from a Mr. Clayton Warichak. It just seemed so perfect - and it was! We brought her home around May 22nd and she was so adorable and healthy. Niko was with us for 12 years and helped me raise 4 of our children. Four months after her passing we started looking for Clayton to purchase another pup but we were unsuccessful in finding him. We ended up finding another breeder and absolutely loved all of our GSD’s but never had one that was as healthy as the GSD we got from Von der Stradtrand. This past March we lost one of our GSD’s and decided we needed another pup to keep our 7 yr old GSD company (and of course we wanted a puppy!). Upon searching the internet, I was so happy to find Von der Stradtrand and contact Clayton after 12 years. Our first meeting to visit the puppies brought back so many fond memories of Niko. We couldn’t be happier with our R Litter little girl “Rae” that we call Senator. Clayton and his family do such a wonderful job of raising these puppies for the first 7-8 weeks of their lives. We were just so thrilled to find him and purchase another puppy from Von der Stradtrand.

Heidi Burns (2015)

Lauren and Ari

I researched German Shepherd breeders in the Milwaukee area for months and really wasn't finding the “right” one. I remember taking a break from my research and attended the 4th of July parade in Brookfield, WI of 2012. I saw a man with his wife and beautiful German Shepherd standing among the crowd. I instantly told my friend “I have to go over there and pet that dog!” After petting the dog and speaking with his owners, they told me that they purchased him from Policepups.com. I could not believe they had exactly what I was looking for in a GSD! They spoke volumes about Clayton and his pups as well as their experience with him even after they brought their pup home. I immediately went home after the parade and looked at the website. Low and behold, they had a litter coming available in the next few months! I called Clayton immediately and went to visit the pups the following week. My comfort level with him and his dogs were so special to my family and I. There was no question that I was going to purchase one of these pups!

When it was finally the day to bring my little bundle of fluff home, I was so ecstatic and a bit nervous! I had many questions and was calling Clayton every week for the first few (ok, several) weeks. He was always there to answer my questions and give me solid advice, which was so appreciated!

I can honestly say, that my GSD (Ari) is the best purchase that I have ever made. She is the kindest, sweetest and smartest dog that I have ever known in my life. I have 4 neighbor girls from age 9-18 that constantly come over and play with her. To say that she is obsessed with kids is an understatement!! Also, my 83 year old Grandfather loves her as much (if not more) than I do. We go over every Sunday so that he can visit with “Grandpa’s special girl.”

Every time people see her whether it be walking in the park or coming into my home, they are all so impressed. Usually the first comment is “wow, is she beautiful” with a follow-up of “I can’t believe how sweet she is.”

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Clayton. If you are looking for a confident, smart, beautiful, strong and adoring GSD, you have come to the right place.

Lauren B. (2015)


The Ristics and Ace

We bought our German Shepherd Dog from Clayton and Margaret in November 2010. I don’t have enough words to describe how happy we are with our dog. He is a large black and red male with beautiful markings. He is turning heads wherever we go and gets so many compliments. He is extremely intelligent dog, very obedient, and protective of our family. His health is excellent, we take him to the vet only once a year for his regular shots. Clayton and Margaret are always a great help in answering all the questions we have. Clayton is the most caring and knowledgeable breeder we have ever met. We love to go to training classes Clayton offers for free, even though we live quite far. We HIGHLY recommend Von der Stadtrand dogs to anyone looking for an amazing German Shepherd.

The Ristic Family (2015)

Lauren and Stash


I have wanted a German Shepherd for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t know I wanted a Von der Stadtrand dog until the day I met my Dad’s dog Mitzi two years ago. She is beautiful, intelligent and very gentle with my young daughter, everything I wanted in a German Shepherd. Right away I knew, I needed to get to know Clayton. I started going to Clayton's club training with my Dad and Mitzi occasionally and was hooked. Last Fall, in anticipation of being able to get my own Von der Stadtrand dog, I began attending training every weekend, being able to participate in this was invaluable. Seeing how Clayton conducted the sessions and meeting other owners with their Von der Stadtrand dog’s confirmed what I had felt from the beginning, there is something truly special about Clayton’s family and these dogs, I was ready to take the plunge and put down a deposit. Clayton was expecting a few litters that winter and I knew I had to have one of the puppies. I put a deposit down right away and patiently waited for the good news that puppies were on their way. Unfortunately the first litter didn’t work out so I had to wait a little longer, but what are a few months over the course of years of waiting for one of these amazing dogs. On Feb. 24th the “R” litter was born and we got our puppy! We took ‘Stash' (Reinhart) home on April 14th, two days after my daughter’s 5th birthday, and it has been absolutely amazing. He is truly a wonderful dog, handsome and smart with an amazing temperament. We have already had him out to Clayton’s for a Club session and it felt great to finally have my little guy out there with his relatives doing what they love to do. Clayton has been very helpful and tolerant of the phone calls he has been receiving from this first time German Shepherd mom lol Thank you Clayton!

Lauren Piculell (2015)


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