Iron Von der Stadtrand

Iron Von der Stadtrand is the son of VA2 Karo van de Herdersfarm and grandson of VA(CN+A) Hoss vom Lärchenhain.

SG-1 SV/USA Judge/Körmeister Johannes Grewe Critique May 22, 2011

Nice dog, medium size, medium strong. Masculine appearance. The dog has good color and good pigmentation, dark mask, dark eyes. He has a high wither, firm back, and has a good position and length of the croup. He has very good angulation in the front and good angulation in the rear. He has good chest proportions. He is absolutely correct in coming and going, and shows good gait from the side. This is a dog, he is very interesting, this dog is actually better in the front than he is in the rear. The front could take much more if the rear would produce a little more power and more effectiveness. The dog has an excellent front angulation and moves very, very well. Very effective in the front and also very good in the rear. Very Good. Congratulations.

SG-1 1st Place