SG Poseidon Von der Stadtrand BH, AD

Poseidon is the son of Ramses Von der Stadtrand and Olympia Von der Stadtrand

Poseidon is living with a family in Northern Illinois. Poseidon is a large robust masculine dog. His color is dark rich red. He has a dark mask with a solid black saddle. Poseidon has high withers, correct croup and a perfect top line. While moving he shows far outreaching ground covering gait.

Poseidon displays perfection in both mind and body. Poseidon’s temperament is his best quality. He has strong nerves and an easy relaxed nature in all environments. He is playful with children of all ages and protective to all members of the family. Poseidon lives to please his handler. In May 2015, Poseidon earned his BH and AD (endurance test) titles. In November 2015, Poseidon earned SG, or very good which is the highest rating for his age, and second place at the 2015 North Central Regional Conformation Show.

He shows strong courage and excellent fighting drive during Schutzhund training. Poseidon is a true reflection of the German Shepherd Dog.