Vac Vagvölgyi Unix

Vac Vagvölgyi Unix is the son of BSZS V1 Kampus vom Drei Birkenzwinger IPO3 KKL and SG Zara Von Tronje IPO1 KKL

Unix is a European imported, large, masculine black and red dog. Unix has a strong robust head and dark eyes. He is a powerful dog with great bone structure and very good pigmentation. He has a strong back with high withers and correct croup. Unix is also correct coming and going.

Unix' father is the world-famous BSZS V1 Kampus vom Drei Birkenzwinger IPO3 KKL. Kampus was awarded the highest show rating possible for a young male not old enough to present a progeny group, V1, at the German Sieger Show in 2019. Kampus’ father (Unix’s grandfather) is BSZS V Optimus vom Pendler IPO3 KKL.

Unix is a social dog and loves meeting new people. He enjoyes taking walks wth his family and playing with his 3 kids. One of his greatest qualitities is his amazing temperament. He is good with children and adults of all ages. He has been trained in basic obedience and shows courage and excellent drive during schutzhund protection training.