SG-1 Zaria Von der Stadtrand TT, AD

Zaria Von der Stadtrand is the daughter of SG-2 Uwe Von der Stadtrand BH, SP2, TT, CGC, AD and Ruth Von der Stadtrand

Zaria is an over medium sized beautiful black and red female. She is structurally a very correct female with high withers along with correct front and rear angulation. While moving Zaria is correct coming and going and shows effective rear drive with good front reach. Zaria is a confident dog with strong nerves and pronounced courage and fighting drive. She is a great obedience dog and does fantastic Schutzhund protection work.

Zaria is a social dog who is confident and relaxed in all environments. Zaria has an amazing temperament and is great with all people and loves kids.

Zaria took 1st place in the Female Open Class at the 2019 North Central Regional Conformation Show and also received an SG (Very Good) rating. Zaria earned her TT (Temperament Test) and AD (endurance title) in 2019 as well.