SG-1 Isen von der Stadtrand IGP1, TR3, SP2, AD

Isen Von der Stadtrand is son of SG Limonite Von der Stadtrand BH, CGC and Olympia Von der Stadtrand CGC, AD

Isen is a medium size substantial robust male. He has a long coat with rich red pigment, dark eyes and a dark mask. Isen has high withers and a firm back with correct front and rear angulation He has a far front reach and powerful rear drive with a beautiful ground covering gait. Isen is a confident dog with strong nerves and pronounced courage and fighting drive. He is a great obedience dog and does fantastic Schutzhund protection work.

Isen loves the company of adults and children of all ages. He loves frisee and his Kong rope ball. He also loves tracking and schutzhund protection work. Isen enjoys doing things with his family and is the perfect dog on walks. Isen loves to sit on his favorite couch and watch the street from his window and in the evenings he loves to take a late day nap on his couch.

To date, Isen has earned his IGP1, TR3, SP2 and AD (endurance title). Isen was awarded SG (Very Good) and became the Midwest Regional Open Class Long Hair Sieger in 2015-2017.