Limonite Von der Stadtrand

Limonite Von der Stadtrand is the Son of Iron Von der Stadtrand and grandson of VA Ghandi Arlett SchH3 KKL1.

Limonite von der Stadtrand is a Large robust male. He is a black and rich red dog with a outreaching gait. He is a dog with many expressions and seems to always be happy. Limonite has a very strong back, with an excellent top line, high withers and correct croup.

Limonite is a super friendly dog. He is able to socialize with people of all ages and is confident in new environments. He has a very loving temperament and often helps in caring for his young pups. Limonite is also a well behaved, mindful dog with a protective nature. Limonite von der Stadtrand is a perfect example of what the German Shepherd Dog was intended to be!