Natalie Von der Stadtrand

Natalie Von der Stadtrand is the daughter of Iron Von der Stadtrand and granddaughter of Paska vom Salztalblick (Top stud for Salztalblick kennels).

Natalie is a house dog who is owned by a family with two children living in SE Wisconsin. Natalie is a large female with a wonderful expression. She is black and red with a dark mask and dark eyes. She has a high withers, a firm back, and good position and length of the croup. Natalie has very good angulation in the front and very good angulation in the rear. She has good chest proportions. She is absolutely correct in coming and going, and shows very good gait from the side.

She is a superb obedience dog and does fantastic off leash healing. Natalie adores children of all ages. Natalie’s confidence shows well during Schutzhund protection work.