Bree Von der Stadtrand

Bree is the daughter of Natalie Von der Stadtrand and granddaughter of Iron Von der Stadtrand

VP-1 SV/USA Judge/K├Ârmeister Johannes Grewe Critique May 22, 2011

Very nice female here. The dentition is correct, the dog has all the 42 teeth, and has a scissor bite. A female of good size, she will be of upper medium size when she is fully grown. She is very firm and dry, she has a good wither, firm back, good position of the croup which could be a little bit longer. She has good angulation in the front and very good angulation in the rear. And with ongoing movement, she moves better and better. So with more training in this dog, she will do very well in the ring because she has a very good front reach and a good, effective rear drive. She has good chest proportions, and the eyes could be a little bit darker. But it is the way it is. But it is not a critical factor but I need to mention this. In the future when this dog eventually comes into the breeding program, we should select males for her with darker eyes, and with the darker pigment so we be a little bit better.

Very Promising 1st Place